Daycares and pre-schools remain open to help essential workers with childcare

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- While businesses are being asked to close down because of coronavirus, some businesses are still up and running. At this time, daycares and pre-schools are open.

"The people who are on the front lines, the people who are gonna help get us through these times, those are the people we need to be open for," said Brett Roubal.

Brett Roubal is the Director of the Little Sunshine's Playhouse and Preschool. The school has three locations in Springfield and one in Ozark.

Roubal says they are open to help the families of essential workers, caring for children ages ranging from six weeks old to kindergarten.

"So they can have a comfortable trusting, safe, and comfortable facility," said Roubal.

Roubal says they are taking precautions each day to ensure the safety of both staff, teachers and kids. He says they have stepped up their sanitation practices and washing efforts.

"Not only are we taking the families and children temperatures as they walk in we are also taking it throughout the day," said Roubal.

And while Little Sunshines is open for business, it's not the only place in the Ozarks offering childcare, places like the YMCA off of Republic Road, are also offering childcare to essential workers.

"The cost for this program is $20 a day, we are not charging a nonmember, member rate and we are doing a daily rate so if you're only working 3 days a week you're going to pay for what you need," said Kelley Keim.

Kelley Keim is the District Director of School Age Services at the YMCA.
She says your daily rate provides your child with a breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.

"We are trying to adhere to the 10 person ratio, so we have one staff member that is with 9 kids," said Keim.

Keim says the kids will have the opportunity to have fun and do activities related to what they would be doing in school.

"So kids are running and being active, and they are doing arts and crafts, and STEM projects," said Keim.

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