Data shows big boom in new businesses in Branson in 2019

BRANSON, Mo. -- New data shows the third biggest boost in new businesses in Branson for more than 20 years.

"We do see a lot of new construction going on," Branson Visitor Danny Laire said.

"That's why we came down here, to see all the new growth that's come," Branson Visitor Tashia Starnes said.

The City's Planning and Development Director Joel Hornickel says recent data backs-up those observations. Last year, Branson added a lot of new businesses.

"The big highlight out of last year was finishing with a construction value of $122 million within the City of Branson," Hornickel said.

Hornickel says big projects like the Aquarium at the Boardwalk and WonderWorks, both set to open tin 2020, added to that sum, among others.

"Cox had a significant investment at their hospital here in town. Then, Lodges at Chateau Cove," Hornickel said.

He says in more than 20 years, that's the third biggest boom in Branson.

"The first and second place go to 2005 and 2006 when the Branson Landing and Branson Hills were both being constructed," Hornickel said.

While those numbers are hard to compare with the so-called theater boom of the early nineties, Hornickel says keeping Branson going has been a priority.

"They didn't have as good of record-keeping back then," Hornickel said. "You could go back to when we had the tornado, when we had the re-investment from that disaster."

Overtime, businesses have gone away and stayed the same, too. However, moving forward, city leaders say the goal is to keep business coming.

"The city is continuing to make investments in its infrastructure, the public safety sales tax, gives people a lot of confidence to invest, or re-invest in the community," Hornickel said.

Hornickel says there are ongoing efforts to improve business in Branson, focusing on things that can be challenging here like developing a year-around economy and building a quality work-force.

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