VIRAL VIDEO: Dashcam captures initial moments of pile-up crash near Conway

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Conway, Mo. On Sunday, people driving along I-44 watched as ice formed quickly on the roadway.

"I already knew I was sliding all the way. I knew I would be luck if I didn't hit anybody. I just knew I was going to hit something," said Curtis Jones, who was traveling with his kids, trying to get back home after realizing how bad the conditions were becoming.

"As were heading to turn around at the 107 exit, we get to the hill there, and it is a massive pileup."

His dash cam caught part of chain reaction near Conway, which involved car after car, semi after semi.

"Of course the girl in the car came around us and hit the back of the semi, and we kind of got wedged over to the side.

The driver of the white car- Caroline Gardner, who was traveling to the St. Louis area.

She explained, "I had just texted my boyfriend, and then I look up, and this semi is coming straight at my driver's side door. It was the scariest thing I had ever seen in my entire life."

The semi hit the stack of cars including Caroline's.

"I thought I am going to die," she stated.

Meanwhile, Curtis was witnessing the situation unfold beside him. "I thought she was gone for her jumping out like that, but she popped up and was alright."

A video from another motorist has gone viral on Reddit, Imgur, and Facebook.

"I see comments like she should not have gotten out of the car. But, he was coming straight at me and when I got out of the car he swerved," Caroline said.

Aside from some bumps and bruises, Caroline was okay. She hopped in the truck with Curtis and kids and waited for the collisions to stop.

"She was shaken up. She was panicked too and just shook up from it, and I don't blame her. Heck, it was pretty intense," Curtis said. "[I am] very happy about all of us being safe. My kids are too. I think the good lord had a lot to do with that protecting us."

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