Dallas County Prosecutor's Office issues update on death investigation of Kinzlea Kilgore

BUFFALO, Mo. -- The Dallas County Prosecutor's released a statement to KY3 on the homicide investigation of Kinzlea Kilgore.

An autopsy revealed Kilgore, 2, died of severe head trauma in May.

Prosecuting Attorney Barbara Viets' office says they are awaiting documentation of a full and complete investigation. And that a proper charging decision cannot be made until reports, statements, photos and evidence are received.

Kilgore's family has even launched a facebook page called "Justice for Kinzlea." A protest is planned for Wednesday at 10 a.m. outside of the Dallas County Prosecutor's Office.

The office of Dallas County Prosecutor Barbara Viets issued this statement:

"Dallas County Prosecuting Attorney Barbara J. Viets is awaiting documentation of a full and complete investigation into the death of Kinzlea Kilgore which was reported on or about May 13, 2018. Until such time as all reports, statements, photos, and evidence are received, a proper charging decision cannot be made. While we understand that some seem to expect or want rash action, the appropriate charging decision will be made when all reports and evidence are received."

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