Crews to start major repairs to Springfield roads as the weather warms up

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Local road crews are stepping up efforts to fill all those cracks and potholes in Springfield.

"We try to get as many streets as we can every year. I know a lot of people are saying that they feel like their streets are, you know bad," says Superintendent of Streets for Springfield Public Works, Ron Bailey.

Crews make repairs to city streets all year long, only stopping when it snows.

"In the winter we usually do crack seal operations and we've had crews out there for a couple months now doing that. We do concrete repairs, sidewalk concrete repairs. Once it gets hot enough we start into the asphalt repairs," explains Bailey.

He says his department relies on an annual report that takes inventory of all the damage to city roads.

"The last report we had we had seventy percent or better of our streets were in good condition.," he says.

Repairs depend on how much money is in the city's budget.

"We don't want to do the most costly one, which is mill and fill, milling out the street and repaving on every single street because we'd never get enough streets done to satisfy everybody," says Bailey.

The city is set to make complete repairs in sections of about 90 streets around town. That means ripping out old asphalt and putting down new asphalt. That adds up to about 220 city blocks.

Lesser traveled roads will get minor repairs.

"Some roads may only get crack seal, some many only get a pothole fixed. We might do a micro surface, we might do a slurry seal, a chip seal and asphalt overlay.You just never know," says Bailey.

Crews will be busy this year, working to make sure you have a smoother drive.

"The road didn't get damaged overnight. It just takes a little while to get back to everywhere we need to be," he says.

Most of the money for road repairs made in Springfield are paid for by the 1/4 cent transportation tax.