Boone County, Ark. sheriff confirms body found along Crooked Creek is John Villines

HARMON, Ark. - Boone County Sheriff Mike Moore confirms the body found along Crooked Creek Monday is Harrison, Ark., businessman John Villines.

John and his wife Amy Villines disappeared after their car was swept away in flash flooding on November 30.

Officers Monday investigated the discovery of John Villines' body in a pile of brush and debris along Crooked Creek in Harmon. Harmon is about a 25 minute drive east of Harrison.

“I think there was an air of we may not ever find them, and yesterday i think brought hope to both families that there can be closure and an end to the search," Moore said.

The sheriff says it’s unclear how long he was there.

“Wherever it was the day of the incident or rain afterwards that came out of the banks, we just don’t know that," he said.

Now crews are checking to see if they can find Amy.

More than 50 volunteers met at the Boone County Office of Emergency Management to search Crooked Creek from Lake Harrison to Harmon Bridge for any more clues in the case.

“We’re taking off work to come help," Jon Saxon, a volunteer, said. "Everybody’s doing anything they can, and there’s kind of a renewed hope now that there’s been something found, so I think that’s going to drive people to help more.”

The sheriff said the goal right now is to find debris piles along Crooked Creek, from Lake Harrison to Harmon Road. Then they can later go back and look through them. But the sheriff said they may run into a problem.

“The coming rains could possibly move those piles or change those piles or make new piles." Moore said.

K-9s and volunteers were searching along the creek, some on boats.

“I’ve been boating all my life, and I l just know that they needed boats out on the water, and I feel that this is important to try to help the family get closure as well," Grant Scarsdale, a volunteer, said.

State police are using drones to search as well. And family member make up many of the volunteers searching.

“Have the families in your thoughts and prayers, and just be sensitive that they’re going to start a new grieving process now. So please keep that in mind," Moore said.

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