Court documents show more details surrounding Linn Creek, Mo. Police Chief's arrest

LINN CREEK, Mo. -- Court records show more details surrounding the domestic assault incident an Ozarks police chief was arrested and charged for on Saturday.

Linn Creek, Missouri, Police Chief Greg Berry was arrested by the Missouri State Highway Patrol Saturday afternoon for an incident on October 10, 2019, while Berry was off-duty.

According to court documents, Cpl. Stacey Mosher with the Missouri State Highway Patrol was called to Lake Regional Hospital. Staff reported a woman had been in the emergency room, claiming she had been grabbed by Berry.

Troopers say the woman, identified in the court documents as Berry's wife, had been taken to the hospital by ambulance that night. Troopers say she told paramedics Berry had thrown her into a baby's crib, grabbed her forcefully, and handcuffed her while in their home.

Berry was interviewed by troopers on October 11, 2019. According to court records, Berry acknowledged there was a physical disturbance the night before and that he put his hands on his wife, and likely left bruises.

Cpl. Mosher observed three to four fingerprint bruises on the woman's arm, according to court documents.

Troopers also say Berry has admitted to "restraining" her in the past.

Berry was charged by the Attorney General's Office with Fourth Degree Domestic Assault.

If convicted, Berry could be sentenced to one year in jail, a fine of up to $2,000, or both.

Berry has been suspended from his position with Linn Creek since the incident.

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