Council gives the final approval for a 100 acre development in south Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Developers will move forward with a $500 million, 100 acre project in Springfield.

It's called the Ridge.

We first unveiled the plans for this project last month. It's being touted as a shopping destination It will be filled with retail, restaurants, hotels and lofts.

However, there are some concerns.

Vehicle traffic and flooding are perhaps the two largest.

We talked with one of the developers about their plans for these two issues.

"This will be the first development of this type in Springfield. This kind of development has been done elsewhere in the Midwest and it's been very successful. We're trying to follow that same pattern," said John McNabb with Sapp Design Architects.

This type of project comes with more than it's fair share of challenges, including flooding. Storm water, from as far back as Battlefield Street, collects near a bridge on Weaver.

Developers have a plan for that.

"The capacity of water will not be as bad as if were a big box building," said McNabb.

He said they'll work with the natural vegetation to control flooding.

"Generally with bigger buildings come bigger parking lots and all of those require to be very flat. This has a lot of slope to it so the smaller buildings have smaller parking lots and they allow us to work around the topography better," he said.

Another issue is traffic.

Campbell Avenue is one of, if not, the main road to Nixa. More than 40,000 cars travel up and down this street every day.

"We're putting in a road that's going to tie Lakewood and Campbell together with the library as well as the backside of the development to the north of us where the Sam's Club is," said McNabb.

This will give people the option of staying off Campbell and travel within the complex. It will also alleviate extra traffic from the normal flow of commuters.

"The flow of traffic will be very smooth. It will flow from our developments to the other developments," he said.

This will make the latest retail district appealing to everyone.

"We wanted to create a destination," said McNabb.

Development on the vacant land will start this November.

The first buildings could be up by this time next year.