A look back at the first week of Craig Wood's murder trial

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. This week, a jury is expect to sentence a former Springfield teacher's aide and coach to life in prison or death for a Springfield child.

Greene County Judge Thomas Montjoy read the verdict to the court.

"We the jury find the defendant, Craig Wood, guilty of murder in the first degree," he said.

Craig Wood was convicted of murder for kidnapping, raping, sodomizing and killing 10 year-old Hailey Owens February 18, 2014. The trial lasted about three days. The jury was made up of people from Platte County, hundreds of miles away from Springfield, just north of Kansas City.

It took the jury about an hour to make their decision Thursday.

The penalty phase of the trial started Friday.

The state is asking for the death penalty.

"The defendant purposely killed Hailey Owens," said Greene County Prosecutor, Dan Patterson.

Wood's defense team is asking for life in prison without parole.

"He is remorseful, faith gives him hope. He is not beyond redemption," said defense attorney, Pat Berrigan.

The people closest to Owens told the jury about the impact her murder had on their lives and the lives of the community.

Pastor Pat Findley, of Ridgecrest Baptist Church said, "It just shifted, I think, the way people of Springfield see Springfield.”

"How do deal with my other kids? The other babies in my classroom that were her friends? They're 10. They're processing something tragic, horrible," said Owens' teacher Tara Tharp.

Chandra Calhoun, Owens' aunt said, "I wake up every day and think about that little girl and what she could have been."

Wood's friends told the jury what he was like before the murder.

"I considered him a functioning alcoholic," said Will Kilborn.

Dorn Morris said, "He would smoke marijuana and meth six or seven months before that."

Berrigan asked, "Six or seven months before what?"

"His arrest," said Morris.

A disturbing text message, asking if Wood went hunting, with a copy of the Amber Alert looking for his vehicle in connection with Owens' disappearance, sent to him by a friend, was shown in court.

"I just texted him to harass him. I really don't have an explanation for you on that. That was just to, for lack of a better word give him (expletive). He probably would have sent me the same type of text," explained Kenny Dishman.

Wood's parents and priest also took the stand, speaking on his behalf.

"No parent can ever abandon their child no matter what awful thing they may have done in their life," said Jim Wood.

Father Mike McDevitt said, "If you could read his eyes, you knew that there was remorse."

The jury will hear from more of Wood's supporters Monday.

A decision on his sentence is expected this week.