Cold snap breaks furnaces and pipes

Yesterday's drastic drop in temperatures has people cranking up the heat. The cold snap has some people now dealing with broken furnaces and pipes. It's lead to an increase in calls to local plumbers and HVAC companies.

"Temperature dropped it's causing a lot of issues," said Ethan Reynolds, Comfort Specialist with DeLong Plumbing Heating & Air. "Furnaces go out, could be anything from a dirty filter to a major issue like possibly a cracked heat exchanger, you could have a fan that's out."

If you turn up your thermostat and it doesn't heat up there's an issue. Make sure the batteries in the thermostat are good. You'll also want to change your air filter.

"If you can find your drain line while the furnace is running, check it, make sure it's draining. If it's not it could be clogged up or it could be frozen. Those are very good things to look for," Reynolds said.

If you find your drain line or drainage pump is frozen, thaw it out with a hair dryer or hot water. You may also need to thaw frozen pipes if nothing comes out when you turn on the faucet.

"A hair dryer, but they want to thaw it as quick as they can," said Rick Glenn Service Supervisor. "They need to use hot towel, heat, open the cabinet doors, turn the heat up. And, just try that first."

If you have pipes that tend to freeze then keep your faucet open with a small drip of water. Keep cabinet doors open to have warm air flow circulate around pipes.

"They oughtta already have all their vents around their house closed, the crawl space door on. The wind is what does it, you know the temperatures really cold, but if there's wind going in through there that'll freeze them up quicker than anything," Glenn explained.

If the heat and water still don't come on then it's time to call in a professional.