Clinton blames Comey for election loss

NEW YORK (CNN) The blame game continues in the wake of Tuesday’s presidential election.

On Saturday, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton pointed the finger at FBI Director James Comey. In a conference call, Clinton said Comey's actions delivered a double-whammy to her campaign.

Clinton said the first letter that Comey sent to Congress in late October halted the momentum she had after the debates. She then claimed the second letter from Comey, which exonerated Clinton, just fired up Donald Trump's backers three days before the election.

Despite the loss and her unhappiness about Comey's letter, Clinton did call on her supporters to keep moving forward and fighting for their causes.

Clinton leads the popular vote by about 600,000 votes. She won California and New York by a combined total of more than 4 million votes.

Trump has claimed 29 states and their 290 electoral votes. He also leads the popular vote in Michigan by 20,000 votes. That would give him 306 electoral votes. He needed 270 to win. Clinton holds a 2,500 vote advantage for New Hampshire and its 4 electoral votes.

Estimates show about 43 percent of the nation’s eligible voters did not cast a ballot Tuesday.