Clever School District adding more security for upcoming school year

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CLEVER, Mo. -- The Clever School District is increasing security for the upcoming school year.

The district this past school year employed just one school resource officer. Next year it will add a second.

The district occupies two school campuses, the high school on Highway 14 and the elementary and middle school campus about a mile away. That made it hard for one school resource officer to cover the entire district. The police chief found the officer was spending more time at the elementary and middle school campus.

Clever High School Principal Joe Casey says the administration, school board and city leaders made it a priority to be able to hire another school resource officer. It brings peace of mind for parents, students and staff.

"It's unbelievable," said Casey. "It's one of those things, not only just the security and the peace of mind that comes with having a police officer on site, should a situation arise where we need somebody immediately. But just that relationship building too."

The officer at the schools last year recently resigned, and the police department has already hired two new school resource officers. They'll begin training with the department next month.

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