Cleanup continues on southwest Missouri roads

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HIGHLANDVILLE, Mo. (KSPR) - The flood cleanup continues, several weeks after historic flooding shut down major roadways in Missouri, including parts of I-44 and U-S 60.
Luckily, those main roads are back open. But there still issues on some of the less-traveled roads in southwest Missouri.
For example, people who live in the Woods Fork area in Christian County are used to seeing their creek flood.
“When it happens here, you’re locked out of your area for 2-3 days,” said Dallas Killian.
But Killian says during the last flooding event, the creek washed away the slab of concrete he and his neighbors used to drive over to get to their houses.
“Pulled it up in the air, never seen this happen before. Shoved it down the street, 50-100 feet. An amazing amount of power and water that you just don’t understand,” he said.
He says the county acted fast to put a temporary gravel road over the creek.
“That has been probably one of the best things that has ever happened in our county, for immediate area. And we really appreciate that,” he explained.
Bridges and low-water crossings became a problem for state and county workers across Missouri this spring.
“A lot of washouts, and a lot of erosion around bridges and culverts and things like that,” said MoDOT Southwest District Maintenance Engineer Bob Becker.
He says they have made a lot of progress since the flood, but they’re still doing a lot of maintenance work to protect the roads from future storms.
“Some of that stuff we’ll be doing with our own forces, taking care of ditches and things like that. Some of them are large enough that we’re going to come out and do that work for us,” said Becker.
He says in the southwest district, there’s one highway closure 125 in Taney County, south of Bradleyville, where flooding damaged a bridge.
“We’ve had a problem with it 4 or 5 times in the last five years, so we’re doing some improvements this time to make sure we don’t have that problem in the future,” Becker explained.
Becker says there was worse damage in MoDOT’s southeast district, which includes Howell and Ozark counties. There are a couple road closures due to damaged bridges in Ozark County, according to MoDOT’s Traveler Information Map..
On Woods Fork Road, Killian says he appreciates how fast workers repaired the roads after the flood.
However, he said, “If another big rain comes, the temporary thing they have right now will be half-washed out. We just know it.”
He says he’s hoping the county will replace the gravel bridge with a more permanent solution.
“Our goal is to hopefully have some kind of a small bridge put there. That will take care of the situation,” he said.
We could not get in touch with Christian County road workers this afternoon to ask about their plan for Woods Fork Road.