Cleaning up Wilson's Creek Battlefield

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REPUBLIC, Mo. A group of volunteers braved the frigid temperatures to clean up Wilson's Creek Battlefield Park.

Hope Dodd, fisheries biologist for the National Park Service said, "We've found a few tires, a shovel, a lot of plastic bottles, and a lot of Styrofoam.

Dodd organized this year's stream cleanup. This was the fifth year for the annual cleanup. Dood was thankful that despite the weather there were still so many volunteers.

"It's great. It's really nice to see everybody come out and to know that when you put forth an effort that the community will come out and make the National Park a better place," Dodd said.

This wasn't the only group out on National Park Day. Several boy scouts came out to help Quinten Milligan work on his Eagle Scout project. They didn't seem bothered by the cold either.

"This isn't the worst weather I think I've ever had, we've been on backpacking trips where it's been much worse with with wet sleeping bags and having to do those situations," Milligan said.

If anything, the scouts say the spring snow added motivation.

Dylan Bunch, an Eagle Scout who came out to help with Milligan's project said, "People are going to work a lot harder if they're cold because they're going to want to get done a lot quicker."

The park services wants everyone to do their part to keep the area clean.

"Recycle. Definitely recycle. Making sure that you put your trash in trash containers when you're visiting the park. Take out what you bring in. Don't leave wrappers or containers for drinks while you're walking the trails here. Basically, what you pack in, pack out," Dodd said.