City of Springfield works to curb pothole frustrations

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Pothole problems are popping up and Jeremy Wagner, who drives around the city every day, says he has the same thought every time he hits one.

"Ow..... I mean... I'm screaming for myself and the car both," said Wagner.

With so many of the road hazards starting to show, we went to the road department with the annual issue

"It's just he nature of the game," said Springfield's Supervisor of Streets , Ron Bailey. "We have a pretty heavy freeze thaw cycle in the area and that's what causes the potholes to be created. "

But why does it seem like so many potholes are still growing, and not repaired?

"We fill the potholes usually within two or three days of being notified," Bailey said. "If we don't know where they are, it's hard for us to fill them. So, we rely on our citizens to know where they're located."

Which means your complaints to the masses on Facebook, aren't going to get the potholes smoothed over.

"Yea, if you post on Facebook, we usually don't know about it," said Bailey. "We usually rely on our Resource Center for anything that comes in from our citizens."

What about when they get fixed just to open right back up??

"Sometimes you'll put it in the hole and it'll be popped-out in a week or two. It just depends how it goes in, what the weather conditions are that day," he said. "There's variables to all of it and sometimes it holds real well, and sometimes it doesn't."

And in Missouri and Arkansas, we all know the weather can do just about anything, any time of year.

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