City of Springfield mayor amends "Road to Recovery" order to clarify occupancy

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Springfield Mayor Ken McClure made a slight amendment to the "Road to Recovery" Phase 2 emergency order.

The mayor says through feedback, it became evident an update was needed to clarify intent with regard to determining occupancy.

To clarify and simplify the calculation needed to determine allowed occupancy, the amended order will direct the occupancy calculation to be based on the entire facility’s square footage, rather than on individual rooms. This still requires providing proper physical distancing, yet gives facilities more flexibility on how they use their space. The amendment also sets a floor of 35 people minimum in certain categories, meaning that the allowed occupancy can be determined by using the calculation or they can allow 35 people, whichever is more.

For example: A 10,000 square-foot church will determine their allowed occupancy by calculating 10,000 square feet divided by 30 times .25 (83 people). This is in lieu of starting the calculation using the square footage of just the sanctuary. This change can be applied across the board to all facilities and outdoor areas identified in our order and Road to Recovery Plan.

The Road to Recovery orders require businesses and organizations to adhere to social distancing to the greatest degree possible and to cleaning guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including, but not limited to when customers are standing in line (should be 6 feet apart) or when individuals, including employees, are using shared indoor or outdoor spaces.

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