City council approves officials to apply for grant for pedestrian bridge in Republic, Mo.

REPUBLIC, Mo.-- Pedestrians may soon have a safer way to cross U.S. 60 in Republic. The city is considering adding a pedestrian foot bridge at Hines street.C ity council voted yes to apply for a grant to help pay for this new addition.

This project would cost more than $7 million, but the grant would only pay for a majority of the project. This would leave the city to pay the remaining roughly $1.5 million.

City Administrator David Cameron says taxes will not go up to pay for this project if they are awarded the grant. He says the money would come from existing funds like the parks department, capital sales improvement tax, and the street department. He says the bridge would not only help the safety of those walking across the street, but it would help link the walking trails in the city too. He says it would take about 3-6 years for a project of this size to be completed, but he says if they are given the grant most of the work would take place at night.

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