Churches in the Ozarks get creative with drive-in worship services

MT. VERNON, Mo.-- Churches around the country, including right here the Ozarks are getting creative when it comes to Sunday services.

Car after car, full of Covenant Church Parishioners filed into the parking lot. They were ready for another Sunday worship in Mt. Vernon, worship that's gone beyond the church pews.

"Obviously, we are in church in our cars," said Ethan Trokey

Ethan Trokey packed his SUV with his family, drove to church and then parked, waiting for the pastor's message to come echoing out of his car radio.

Right now, the CDC is recommending only groups of less than 10 people to come together. This has left most church services, here in the Ozarks, to suspend all public worship because of the coronavirus.

This decision left Pastor Brian Parrish to get a little creative for his 150 member congregation.

"If they tune into 87.9 here in the parking lot they will be able to hear the service broadcasted live," said Parrish.

Parrish says people stay in the safety of their cars, following along to the song lyrics on their cell phones.

While he says he'd much rather be worshiping more traditionally, this is the best they can do.

"We want to help flatten the curve of the virus, but at the same time we wanted to provide community, said Parrish.

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