Child in abuse case takes the stand in a Greene County courtroom

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. The first day of witness testimony in a felony child abuse case in Greene County was emotional.

Robert Davis is accused of abusing and torturing his own daughter last year.

Tuesday the child, who was severely beaten took the stand on her tenth birthday to testify against her own father, moving the courtroom to tears.

For her protection we've been asked not to identify her or use her audio testimony.

She bravely explained how she lost her hair. Here's the transcript.

Prosecutor: You have some hair missing there.
J.W.: Um huh.
Prosecutor: Is that a yes?
J.W.: Yes.
Prosecutor: How did that happen?
J.W.: He pulled my hair. He took like a big chunk.
Prosecutor: How did it feel when that happened?
J.W.: Awful.
Prosecutor: Is that how you lost your hair?
J.W.: Yes.
Prosecutor: Alright. Did you ever have any hair loss like that before he pulled your hair?
J.W.: No.
Prosecutor: Ok. Do you have any missing hair now?
J.W.: No.

Witnesses, law enforcement and medical professionals backed up what the child had to say.

"She went like this and was showing me her mouth. But she wasn't speaking. She put down her head and was trying to show me her head but I couldn't see what was wrong with it," said Stephanie Montemayor as she described the child's injures.

She didn't know the child or Davis but stopped to help them when they ran out of gas the day investigators say he tortured her.

Davis tried to explain his daughter's injuries to her.

"That she had tried to jump off into the water and missed the water and actually fell and hurt herself. “He told me that he didn't think she needed medical help that he was just going to take her home and get her cleaned up," said Montemayor.

Davis' cousin, Scott Nielsen, said he saw the abuse continue when the pair returned home.

"They were going from the kitchen to the living room. He was grabbing her by the back of the neck and just forcing her at a really fast pace to the point that she was falling and trying to get up," he explained.

He worked fast to get help.

"We decided to come up with a plan to get Robert away," said Nielsen.

Davis was arrested. The child got medical help.

Cindy Tull said, "She had a lot of extensive bruising and swelling to her face and to her body. She was in some mild distress."

She is a nurse practitioner with the Child Advocacy center. She said this is the worst case she's seen.

"In ten years of being at the CAC, I have never seen the extent of these injuries except for text book or training, in research," she said.

The state will continue their case on Wednesday morning. The trial is expected to wrap up by the end of the week.

Davis will stay in jail without bond.

He is also facing charges in the beating death of 3 year-old Kinzlea Kilgore.

He'll be facing a judge in Dallas County next week.