Caught on camera: two men appear to be stealing from a Christian County church

CHRISTIAN COUNTY, Mo. Two men, apparently stealing from a church in Christian County, was caught on camera.

The church gave us this surveillance video to share with you. They are hoping you might be able to recognize the brazen thieves and solve this crime.

The Victory Baptist Church on W Highway has had problems with criminals in the past.

Jeff Broveak lives across the street from the church and says the area is peaceful.

"It's very quiet. The only noise we got is the cars going down the highway," he says.

Broveak has heard about the problems the church is having with thieves.

"I've seen their billboard. They put on the billboard, camera. Smile, you're on camera. I heard about the break-ins," he says.

Church officials didn't want to talk on camera but tell us they had no choice but to install security cameras. They gave fair warning to anyone who even thinks about stealing from them with a message on their marquee.

Video caught two men on church property around 4 a.m. Tuesday morning. It shows a red car behind a church van. You can see a man squatting down near the back tire. Another man is in the far left corner, carrying a big bucket.

From another camera angle you get a better idea of what they are doing.

A man in a green hat puts a hose in his mouth, the other end is in the bucket. Right before the tape stops you can see him putting the hose into the car's gas tank.

A few minutes later the men seem to be looking for something. That's when you get a good look at one of the men.

Broveak says he still can't believe anyone would target a church.

"It's really surprising that somebody would pick on a church especially more than once. The only thing I can say is you're a scumbag and you should get a job. Get a life. Leave the church alone. Church is there to help people. If you're robbing a church you've punched your ticket to go to hell. That's all there is to it," he says.

If you have any information about who could possibly be in that surveillance video you're asked to call the Christian County Sheriff's Office.