Caught on camera; man accused of stealing the grille of a truck from local business

BROOKLINE, Mo. A local business needs your help finding a man believed to have stolen the front end of a work truck.

A man was caught on camera lurking around fleet vehicles in the parking lot of Absolute Roofing Inc. in Brookline.

Something nearby startled him. He jumped onto the hood of one of the trucks and appeared to be looking directly into a security camera.

The business owner, Mike Mansker, said he was surprised that the man stole the front end of one of his trucks.

"I can understand stealing stuff out of the back of the trucks and taking it to a pawn shop and pawning it, which is the normal thing, or stealing metal, scrap metal and stuff like that. But this is crazy. This would take me two days in the day time and it took him four hours in the middle of the night," he said.

If you have any information call the Greene County Sheriff's Office.