Cats rescued from hoarding situation

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AURORA, Mo. More than a dozen cats are recovering after being left to fend for themselves in a house without air conditioning in the summer heat.
Castaway Animal Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E.) rescued 14 cats and a dog over the weekend from a home in Lawrence County, north of Aurora. C.A.R.E. spokeswoman Anna Yendes says many of the cats are suffering from skin and respiratory issues. She says they had not been given flea medication for a long time, prior to the rescue.
She said, “We just didn’t want to miss any of them. When we go into a situation like this, they’re usually very scared, they’re usually hiding.”
She says a woman was living in the house with the cats, but health complications put her in a nursing home.
“She was doing her best for them, and then when she could not any longer physically take care of them, she and her family sought out help and came to us,” Yendes says.
Rescuers say the family did the right thing, even turning to social media, trying to get organizations to help out.
“Rescues in this area, around this time of year, are very full,” Yendes explained.
But Yendes says once CARE learned how severe the situation was, they had no choice but to step in.
“There was no air conditioning and nobody coming in and checking on them or feeding them,” she said, “We did unfortunately find one that had passed away in the house.”
Now, all of the cats are still at the C.A.R.E. Animal Sanctuary south of Aurora. Some of them will be ready for adoption in about a month.
Rescuers say if you know of a loved one who you believe has a problem with animal hoarding, reach out to an animal shelter in your area to try and get the pet owner, and animals, the help they need.