Camdenton School Board extends opportunities for education outside the classroom

CAMDENTON, Mo. -- "One of the things I think is really important for high school students is to have the ability to explore," said Kathy Hueste, Assistant Director at the Lake Career and Technical Center.

And that's what the Camdenton Board of Education voted to allow Monday night, accepting a partnership between the Lake Career and Technical Center and Yamaha.

"These students are able to be exposed to an area that they think they have a passion in, or maybe they got some experience in already, and it helps them broaden those experiences," Hueste said.

The partnership between LCTC and Yamaha will allow high school students to work alongside Yamaha technicians to learn about their products, how to fix them, and actually become certified by the company if they want to work for them after graduation.

"This training is just something that's extra on top of what they're learning already in their classes," Hueste added.

But, a partnership with Yamaha isnt the only thing the Camdenton Board of Education is doing to help students further their education outside of the classroom.

A new program where students in Camdenton, Lebanon, and Conway essentially become interns with different companies and get real-life career experience just finished it's first semester. Three students who addressed the board Monday evening say it's taught them a lot about their potential future careers, and even about themselves.

"I was really interested in the OB department. I was interested in being a doctor and delivering babies, helping pregnant moms, pretty much just being an OB/GYN," said senior Sara McDuffey. "After job shadowing in that department, I realized I wasn't as passionate about is as I thought I was."

"We actually know what we're wanting to seek instead of spending tons of money on college," added Jessica Henson, also a high school senior.

"Before I got into this program, I didn't have a lot of self confidence. I was nervous to do anything," said senior Laeli Schiefelbein.

That program is open to both juniors and seniors, and the current students say they'd recommend it to every student.

"I would tell them to definitely join it. It changed my mind, and I didn't think it was going to change my mind and it definitely did," Henson said of the GO CAPS program. "So, I advise them to take it because it does help."

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