Camden County Election Judge accused of electioneering at polling place

CAMDENTON, Mo. -- Camden County resident Shawn Kober said Election Day started as it normally has for the last decade.

"I've been voting at the same election ballot place for the last 10 or 11 years. I always like to bring my girls in there and show them the process," Kober said.

He cast his vote on the only question on the ballot - whether or not to increase a lodging tax to build a tournament soccer complex at the Lake of the Ozarks.

But on his way out, Kober saw something out of the ordinary.

"As I was turning I noticed they had a bunch of newspapers sitting on the counter, along with the ballot," Kober explained.

Kober took pictures of the newspapers.

They were all clippings of articles related to the tax.

"They [the election judges] were saying they just wanted to inform the voters," Kober said. "She thought that the voters that were coming in, a lot of them were misinformed about what was going on, and she was trying to inform them using the newspapers."

That's not allowed.

"That's just like electioneering," said Camden County Clerk Rowland Todd.

Todd says the election judge removed the newspapers immediately after Kober asked about it.

The judge called Todd to explain what happened.

"She's about to cry," Todd explained. "She knows that she shouldn't have done it."

Todd doesn't think the election judge was trying to sway the vote, nor does he think her actions changed any voters minds.

Kober was only the 10th person to vote at that polling place when he noticed the newspapers.

However, Todd said he’s glad Kober reported it to his office, something he says voters should do for any voting or polling place concern that doesn’t feel right.

"That's the only way we're going to know, is by the voters," Todd said. "If they see something in question, I would first say please call me before you put it out there, and find out."

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