CORONAVIRUS: How Missouri cases breakdown by age

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services released its updated numbers for the COVID-19 outbreak at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Mar. 24.

The total numbers of cases has grown to 255 according to the updated numbers.

Greene County has 19 reported cases on the newest release. St. Louis County has the most reported cases in the state at 100. That is a growth of 31 cases since Monday, Mar. 23 and a growth of 77 cases since Sunday, Mar. 22 or a growth of 434% since Sunday in St. Louis County.

St. Louis City (23), Kansas City (21), Boone County (20) and Jackson County (14) are the only other places reporting double-digit cases at this time. There are currently 28 total counties in the state with at least one case.

On basis of age, the 20-29 age group has the most reported cases with 60. Below is a breakdown by age group of reported cases.

Under 20 – 8 cases
20-29 – 60 cases
30-39 – 34 cases
40-49 – 27 cases
50-59 – 51 cases
60-69 – 42 cases
70+ - 33 cases

The age groups of 20-29, 30-39, 50-59 and 60-69 all saw double-digit increases in cases from yesterday. The 20-29 age group saw the largest increase with 14 cases.

All numbers are available at this website HERE.

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