CONTACT KY3: Car dealership complains about road construction in Springfield's westside

NEAR SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- You can see the progress on Springfield's westside. Several new stores are open. And the big one, Menards, is well under construction.

One small business owner says he supports the progress, but fears he won't be in business by the time Menards opens. Here's why.

Behind a construction barricade is a road closed sign. Because of that, it is really hard to get to Auto Liquidation, which has been here for a few years.
Last November, the owner says he made $40,000 in revenue. This month -- it won't be that. About a dozen customers come to this lot each day.

"Brought it to a complete halt to be honest with you," said Kevin Wright. "We haven't see customers since the barricades were put up. You haven't seen one customer? Not a single one."

Statement from Menards:

"We hired a contractor to do all work involved and the contract calls for the contractor among other things to obey all laws and handle all construction-related problems. In return, we are paying the contractor handsomely. We understand the project has Missouri D.O.T. approval. We respectfully suggest that Mr. Wright at least first contact the contractor to solve the access problem which looks like it might be as simple as having a concrete barrier or two moved."

Wright told us he's asked. He was told to call Menards which he has done.
When he wasn't getting answers, that's when he called Contact KY3.

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