Buyer Beware: Watch online for fake Fingerlings

The Grinch has made an early arrival. Be aware of this scam concerning this year's it toy.

We're talking about fake Fingerlings. The cute finger-puppet monkeys are sold out in most stores leaving parents to flock to the internet.
The Better Business Bureau warns, now con artists are selling counterfeit Fingerlings or simply making sales they don't plan to fulfill.

"Unfortunately, a lot of parents are falling for this scam because the people are saying they're going to get Fingerlings to them by Monday and instead they're shipping something called funny monkeys to them. It's a similar product, but not the same exact thing," said Stephanie Garland, with the Better Business Bureau.

Make sure you use a reputable website. Watch-out for "Delivered by Christmas Day" promises and gimmicks. The clock is ticking. If you order now, real Fingerlings likely won't make it to your doorstep until after Christmas.

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