Businesses react to Phase II on the Road to Recovery in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- Officials at the Wonders of Wildlife in Springfield say guests can return to the aquarium and museum this Saturday, May 23.

"You are required to have a reservation ticket, they will go online at the wonders of wildlife .org, they will pick their date and their entry period and that's how we will control the number of people entering at one time and make sure its spaced out throughout the day," said Bryan Nadeau. Nadeau is the Vice President of Conservation Attractions.

And while this staple attraction in Springfield is ready to open, other places, such as North Point Church are waiting until Phase III, which is closer to July, to resume in-person services.

"We are willing to wait 21 days and do other things to build the community and get the facility ready to be able to meet in that capacity that would allow us to have a night and day difference," said Jeremy Johnson. Johnson is the Lead Pastor at North Point Church.

Until then it will continue to stream services online, while possibly allowing smaller groups and classes to resume inside the building.

Over at New Life Church in south Springfield, in-person services will resume May 31.

"We have ordered a lot of face masks and a lot of gloves, we are going to recede our auditorium, our plan is to recede in clusters so there is ample space between every person so that we are able to do social distancing," said Ryan Goeden. He is the Lead Pastor at New Life Church.

Around 600 people typically attend worship services but the church can now only let roughly 155 people inside it.

"We will be keeping a close eye, we have one of those hand clickers, we will have everyone come through the same door, and I think people are going to show grace right now because its unexpected and its really, we want to do our best to keep people safe," said Goeden.

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