Business owners aim to bring life to downtown Mountain View, Mo.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Mo. -- Owning a small business in downtown Mountain View, Mo. has its challenges. One owner shares what she and others are doing to bring life back to downtown Mountain View.

"It's better than it was when we first opened," Coleen Stubbs said when asked how she would describe the current state of the downtown area.

Stubbs opened Chicken Lipz Boutique three years ago.

She and her husband made a huge investment, spending over $200,000 to renovate and prepare her building for what it is today.

"It's a big commitment. We worked for four months," Stubbs exclaimed.

If you walk around downtown on a Saturday, you'll see more businesses that are closed, rather than open.

"We need more businesses that are open on the regular, that offer different things from each other, that you can count on being open and that are clean," Stubbs added.

Stubbs and a few other business owners want to inject some life into downtown.

"I think the camaraderie between some of the business owners is better. So we are very willing, she explained. There are five or six of us around that are willing to say, hey have you been to the Mexican restaurant? They're great for lunch. Have you been to Godfathers? Have you gone down to Angel Garden, they've got lunch? To promote the shop local. To promote the hey, come on out, did you know this business was here?"

Together they are working through the Mountain View Small Business Community to help find ways to increase foot traffic and overall knowledge of what downtown has to offer.

"A map. Just a local map that says these are the businesses and this month, these are the specials they're running. We're going to be sponsoring some shop at nights here in town so that people will have a reason to come out and say oh, let's participate in this, let's participate a little more here," she told KY3.

Stubbs said if folks keep their money local, everyone wins.

"If we have the funds coming in, all of theses business owners are happy to put it right back in to the community."

She knows there can be success in the future if people band together.

"I think it's bright and I think it can be brighter, but it's a work in progress. Anything worth while, takes a lot of work," Stubbs said.

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