Business owner in Midway, Ark. holds burglar at gunpoint

MIDWAY, Ar- An Arkansas business owner got the surprise of his life this weekend when he was able to catch a burglar red-handed.

Saturday morning just before 4, Tom Kozik, the owner of Old Schoolhouse Antiques was walking the perimeter of his building.

The alarm was blaring and he knew something was not right.

When he came around the corner, he came face to face with a man that was trying to escape.

The man had been inside trying to burglarize his business.

The Baxter County Sheriff's Office says 45-year-old Christopher Mattson of Thornfield, Missouri, as seen on video here running to the back of the business, broke in and was in the process of burglarizing the antique shop when the motion alarm was tripped.

"I saw the suspect coming out of that door and leaving onto the loading dock. At that moment, I confronted him from this area and I had my weapon drawn to the side. I told him to lay down on the ground," Kozik said.

Meanwhile, Kozik's wife was calling police.

"He jumped off from the steps and proceeded to go approximately 15 feet. He was moving around quite a bit, left and right, screaming and yelling."

Kozik told Mattson to get down on the ground and slowly inched his way towards Mattson.

"I saw him jump up. He came towards me in a leap. I went back, fired a shot to the side and proceeded to tell him the next one would go probably through his head."

Mattson actually attempted to push Kozik down, but failed.

Kozik says he's trained with guns since childhood.

He says that training helped him stay calm.

"I highly recommend anyone using a gun for any purpose, in particular a defensive purpose, to definitely get training."

Kozik believes the loud alarm scared Mattson because nothing was taken from inside.

Only a few antiques were damaged.

Kozik says it's the best ending possible.

"Things can be replaced. Life's not worth any of these things."

Mattson faces burglary and assault charges.

He's due in court later this month.

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