Branson motel owner threatens to shoot former customer if she came back

Branson, MO. -- A Branson motel owner threatened to shoot a customer if she comes back onto the property.

The owner of the Homestead Motel cites Missouri’s Stand Your Ground Law and Castle Doctrine in the email to a Springfield woman, claiming she’d been harassing motel owners about a refund.

Kristen Metcalf says she had bought a non-refundable room through a third-party booking website for two nights, but didn’t end up staying there at all.

"We spent the day in Branson, we check-in on Friday," Metcalf said.

That night, she left the motel, saying she had a family emergency. She gave the key back and claims that the owners said she could get a refund, if the room was re-booked by someone else.

"When I tried to contact them about when they'd issue the refund, they blocked my phone number," Metcalf said.

While the owner of the motel refused to do an interview with KY3/KSPR News, he said in a statement, in part, that Metcalf and another family member continually contacted the motel. Because his family lives on-site, he felt that they could be in danger, if she came onto the property.

After receiving calls and an email from Metcalf, the motel replied. The email says, in part, "If you do come on this property ever again it will be dealt with as a trespass and a hostile maneuver and you will be shot dead! Seriously. We are heavily armed and take our liberties of living in a Stand Your Ground state along with a Castle Doctrine state very seriously. If you don't believe I will shoot to kill,  contact the Branson Police Department."

Meanwhile, Branson Police Department wants to be clear that they do not condone the threat.

"The Branson Police Department does not recommend, nor does it condone, nor does it encourage anyone to take the law into their own hands or the minute a trespasser steps onto their property, to shoot them. That would be against the law," Assistant Chief Eric Schmitt said.

Metcalf calls the owner's threat alarming, especially at a family destination.

"It's just kind of scary, when you're planning a family vacation. You want to go somewhere safe and secure and not worry about being threatened because they're upset with you," Metcalf said.

While they did not receive any reports about this incident, Branson Police have investigated. Officers found no criminal activity.

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