Branson lawn care companies work to keep parts of town ice free

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TANEY COUNTY, Mo. Missouri Department of Transportation and Branson city crews have worked hard to keep the roads safe in Taney County.

They aren't the only crews out. Local lawn care companies are pitching in, taking care of parking lots and some residential areas.

"It's just something that can happen from five minutes, from good and wet roads to absolutely treacherous and icy," said Fred Cravens.

We spotted him and Koty Cassidy with North American Property Maintenance reloading their truck with de-icing material.

They, like many other lawn care companies, are out taking care of what the city, county and state can't get to.

"All you can do is keep putting ice melt down and try to melt it off," he said.

They are used to working around the clock to keep us safe.

"Last week we were 36 hours straight almost, well, last snow time. That was snow. It was more constant, to keep going. This hasn't turned real bad yet. The colder it's going to get the worse it's going to get," said Cassidy.

They're gearing up for another long weather event.

Cravens said, "Just not knowing when it's going to happen. It can go from a wet pavement right now to pulling in to the next parking lot and it's solid ice. You've got people that don't realize it got icy. They're still at work and they need to get out."

Cravens said many private companies, like his, will be out making sure areas in Branson are free of ice.