Branson Police Department performs undercover alcohol checks

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BRANSON, Mo. - The Branson Police Department aims to perform alcohol compliance checks multiple times a year. They went to many area businesses and restaurants to make sure clerks and wait staff are following the law Saturday.

The department partners with high school and college students who are all under the age of 21. Then, the minors go into each store and attempt to purchase alcohol.

Detective, Joe Edwards, says underage drinking is a common problem. He hopes these checks bring awareness.

"We come across it a lot," Edwards said. "We enforce it on the other side people possessing alcohol as a minor but they get it in their hand somehow."

We talked with one student, police asked that we not identify him, he went undercover.

"It's kind of fun to see if businesses will actually sell minors alcohol," one student said.

He says underage drinking is a problem at his school. He believes he is helping to hold these stores and restaurants accountable.

"I have a bunch of friends who are underage just a couple of years, or maybe the same age as I am, that are going out drinking, partying. They are getting in trouble by their parents and by the cops."

KY3 tagged along for four checks at 1st Stop, Target, Pizza Hut and Chili's. All four shops passed the test.

Branson police checked 96 businesses and had 4 failures.

Connor Hensley, a clerk at 1st Stop, says they ID every person who attempts to purchase alcohol.

"Most of the times we pass (compliance checks)," Hensley said. "We have had some trouble in the past with people but it is just really easy to do your job."

Edwards says the department will go through the results in the coming days. They plan to have another check after the first of the year.

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