Boys try dance with Springfield Ballet

The Springfield Ballet is getting boys interested in dance with a free workshop.

A group of boys stepped in to the world of dance Sunday afternoon.

"I love dancing and just wanted to do this. And see if any of my friends come," said Logan Lawrence.

For an hour students learned about conditioning, and warming up. They tried the grapevine move from jazz and got a taste of ballet by doing some bar work. To top it off they even learned a small routine from newsies.

"I liked this one better. It didn't seem very ballet, dancing. It seems like we were sort of just talking and walking around," said Elias Walley.

It's an all boys free workshop organized in an effort to get boys interested in dance.

"Everyone has emotions inside of them. And dancing is an art form where we get to be creative and express those emotions in a positive way," said Tami Franklin, outreach coordinator for Springfield Ballet.

While you might see a larger female presence in small dance studios Instructor Brian Norris says the number of boys has increased over recent years.

"I think that the stereotypes have been broken. And, again that Billie Elliott affect where there was this movie Billie Elliott that showed this boy who wanted to dance,"Brian Norris said. "It really resonated with dancers. Not only dancers, but young boys."

Norris says kids learn much more than just routines. They learn discipline, respect, and values. Plus, it's a great activity which physically challenges the mind and body.

"There are two layers of muscle in our bodies. There's an outer layer and an inner layer. And, dancers use that inner layer so that our bodies are stronger inside," Norris explained.

"The reason why I did it too is because I do gymnastics and I wanted to work on my legs because my legs weren't really strong," Lawrence said. "And, now they are because of ballet."

They officially have eight boys who are part the school, but are hoping to get more.

If you're interested in getting your son involved they're hosting another free workshop on November 12th.