Bois D'Arc man recounts the moments when an explosion obliterated his house

BOIS D'ARC, Mo. Investigators are still trying to figure out how an Ozarks home exploded Thursday night.

Miraculously, both people inside made it out with only minor injuries.

Cletus and Scott Applegate moved into the house on West State Highway T, in Bois D'Arc, two months ago. Two days ago, they filled their 200 gallon propane tank. They smelled what they thought could be a propane leak but didn't think anything of it until the explosion.

"Everything was in there and now it's not. I mean, it's kind of heartbreaking really," says Scott Applegate.

He just got home from a business trip.

"I smelled propane when I got into the house. I asked dad about it and he said that he lit the furnace. So I thought it was okay. I told him that I would call Chad the home owner tomorrow and get somebody to come confirm it. There wasn't that much time for us," he explains.

Not only did he didn't hear the explosion, he felt it.

"I heard the explosion I thought it was a dream," he says.

The windows, walls and roof of the house are gone.

"First thing I thought about was running to see if my dad was okay. Right here in this very corner you can see my box spring right there. Whenever it happened I couldn't see nothing. I just deadline, bolted through my door to get to his room, which is right there. I was stepping on nails, the bottom of my feet got burnt trying to get in there to him. Once I got him the only thing I focused on was getting outside," he explains while pointing to what's left of the house.

Applegate says the fire started after he and his father safely made it out of the house.

"Once it started it went up. Our whole life is in that house, as far as pictures. We lost my mom a couple years ago so everything that reminded us of her was in there. Makes me wonder how I ever got out," he says.

He still can't believe he and his dad survived.

"I think my mom was watching over us both. We've had a pretty rough year so we're still fighting through it," he says.

Applegate has this warning for every propane user.

"Get them checked is all I got to say. If you smell propane do not put it off. Call someone and get it checked out immediately," he says.

Investigators say they may never know exactly how the explosion happened.

Fire officials say if you use propane be sure to get your tank and lines checked before lighting your furnace. Your propane provider can help you with that.