Missouri bicentennial plate snafu leaves some waiting to get license tag renewals

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. In 2016 the Missouri Legislature passed a law to replace the state's license plates with ones celebrating 200 years of statehood which actually doesn't arrive until 2021.

But since October of last year when you got your renewal stickers, you automatically got a new bicentennial plate to go along with it (with an extra charge of either $.168 or $3.77, depending on the type).

However, earlier this month when Fair Grove's Marlene Farlin got her renewal notice for her plates due in September, she came to the license office and was told there had been a delay.

"They said they didn't have the September renewal plates and to call them back in a week," Farlin said. "So I called back Monday and they still didn't have 'em and didn't know when they'd be in."

Our former colleague at KY3/KSPR Joe Daues, the new CEO of the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks which operates five area license offices, was able to do some digging and find out that the problem originated where the plates are made...the Jefferson City Correctional Center.

"There was a delay in the production of the license plates leaving the penitentiary," he said. "This was a state-wide issue. It wasn't just southwest Missouri. So it was just a week-and-a-half snafu that some folks who came in to renew early didn't get their September plates. They could have gotten August plates because we all get new plates."

That problem also involved disabled plates that are just now being sent to the license bureaus so you might want to check with your local office before coming in for those.

But the regular plates are back in stock.

"This should be a one time thing," Daues said. "It's back to business as usual at the license offices."

Among those in the crowd at the office on Glenstone on Tuesday?

Marlene, making her second visit in a week.

"It is nerve-wracking," she said.

But she finally did get her new plates and has yet another story to share about going to the DMV.

"Can we please just have the government in charge of more things!" she said with a laugh.

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