BED BUGS: Know what to look for

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Two north Springfield motel rooms have been shut down for cleaning after inspectors with the Springfield-Greene County Health Department found live bed bugs in the rooms.
It’s something that we all need to be mindful of when traveling. Check the beds before you even bring your luggage into the room. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, you should lift up the bedding, go through the sheets, and look at the mattress. Look closely at the seams and cracks because that’s where they like to hide. Also lift up the mattress to check underneath.
Sharon Crites-Hancock who says she stayed at the Plaza Inn in north Springfield a week ago, and she started to itch.
“I don’t mind being invited for dinner. Just let me know I’m the main course,” she said.
Crites-Hancock says she’s going through a rough time in her life, and that’s why she has to stay in low-cost motel rooms.
“I’m homeless right now, and it takes everything I got just to stay in a hotel,” she said.
She says she found bed bugs on the mattress and reported it to the front office, and they didn’t do anything so she called the health department. According to records from the Springfield-Greene County Health Department, four rooms at the motel were inspected and inspectors found the bugs in two rooms.
The motel’s owner says they’re fixing the problem by thoroughly cleaning the hotel rooms. He told KSPR News it’s a common problem that could happen anywhere.
Crites-Hancock agrees, and she says people need to remember that when they check into a hotel or motel.
“There’s no shame in checking the bed. It’s better than you being bit up. It is miserable. I wouldn’t want to wish it on anybody. Not even my worst enemy,” she said.