Recognize him? Attempted burglary caught on camera in Springfield

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - It is a shocking video recorded right in a Springfield resident's front yard and in broad daylight.

"You don't expect that type of thing but with the cameras we know we got everything on video and weren't too concerned. But yeah, its shocking in the middle of the day, something like that can happen," said home owner David Roy after he saw his video security system.

The video shows an individual starts looking in cars just off the corner of W Kingsley and Farm Road 135. The suspect looks in the neighbor's Escalade before throwing a rock at David Roy's car 3 times. Roy says he had just got home from church when neighbors told him what they saw.

"There was a little damage to the car, the glass didn't break, but it chipped a little bit, and the trim and paint got scratched," he said.

The video has since gone viral after being posted by the Greene County Sheriff's Office, the Nextdoor app and by Crime Stoppers. Roy credits his security cameras for helping keep his family safe.

"Cameras help everybody. The Greene County Sheriff Department was really responsive and friendly, very helpful. The more cameras we have in the neighborhood, especially this time of year, the more we can make this information public where everyone can see it," Roy said.

Neighbors and the Sheriff's Department have a picture of the person suspected to be in the video but have not been able to confirm the identity.

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