Army veteran is walking from Springfield to Saint Louis to fight human trafficking

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WEBSTER COUNTY, Mo. If you'll be driving between here and St. Louis the next few days keep your eyes peeled for a guy walking along the interstate.

Damian Gehris is an Iraq War veteran who is a member of the Army Reserve.

He's marching, it's called rucking, from Hammons Field to Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

He's making the more than 200 mile trek with 50 pounds on his back and boots on his feet. He's raising money to help fight human trafficking.

"There are millions of women and children missing within the human trafficking world. I didn't realize that billions of dollars are being spent within, not against, but within the human trafficking world and with not enough being said about it there just needs to be more people standing up against it," he said.

Gehris hopes to raise $5000 along the way to help fight human trafficking.

He hopes to arrive in the Gateway city by Sunday.