Arkansas state police make changes to AMBER alert protocol

HARRISON, Ark. - Arkansas state police have made a couple changes when it comes to their AMBER alerts, including its name.

It used to be called Morgan Nick AMBER Alert, but now they are calling it Arkansas AMBER Alert to make it less confusing.

State police say they are now immediatley putting AMBER alerts on Facebook and Twitter, so word can spread quickly with the push of a button.

The more people who see the alert, the better chance of finding the abducted child.

Boone County Sheriff Mike Moore said, "It's a great way to reach a large number of people to be on the lookout, and to see if they recognize the vehicle that might be listed on the alert."

But the Boone County Sheriff says with that blessing comes a curse, with more kids on social media.

"If they have a phone in their hand all day long, and they're on the computer pretty much all day," Moore said, "They've made themselves available to the world. And predators know that. It can be a disastrous situation."

State police also got rid of the "levels" of AMBER alerts. Even with those changes, authorities want people to be aware there is still a difference between a missing child advisory and and AMBER alert. An AMBER alert is when there's evidence the child has been abducted and could be in danger.

Moore said about 2,000 kids are abducted every day and urges parents to be aware of what their kids are doing on their phones.

"Make sure they talk to their carrier," Moore said. "Make sure they know that there are apps out there where you can track that phone. There's apps where you can monitor those phones and see the conversations that are going on."

And it's still important to remember if you see something, say something. It could save a life.

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