Are you ready for the winter weather on the way?

SPRINGFIELD -- Rick Alan Carpenter has a theory when it comes to getting ready for winter weather.

"It's always better to be prepared and not need it, then need it and not have it," Carpenter said.

That's why he was at Westlake ACE Hardware Wednesday night stocking up, even though significant snow isn't expected until Saturday.

Assistant Manager Bob Bowman says he's part of the rush that has already started.

"It started a little bit yesterday, today has been a little heavier"

Bowmnan says there are two things that are especially hot sellers when the weather cools down and the snow and ice move in.

"We have our 60-pound bags of tube sand that you can use. You want to keep some adequate weight, just enough to give you a little bit of traction to keep you from sliding around of course. We'll help you out on recommendations on what you need for your vehicle," Bowman explained. "And here we have our bags of your ice melter that you can put down on your driveways and sidewalks and we have different sizes. we have a 40-pound to 20-pound bags."

Back inside, Rick has a few other items he's made sure he'll have ready to go.

He said,"It's always good to have a snow shovel, extra coat or blanket to stay warm in the car."

Bowman added,"It's all hedging right now on that ice and snow line on what we're going to get. Some of it's going from five, to eight, to 12 inches, so who knows. We may be selling a lot of sleds and shovels, nothing to do with ice, but once you scraped that snow off, you're going to leave a residue there where you may need to put some ice melter down so you'll be safe. "

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