Approval for Steak N Shake likely, some homeowners voice concern

WEST PLAINS, Mo. -- There are some new developments coming to West Plains and part of that growth has some people concerned.

The West Plains Planning and Zoning committee met Wednesday to go over development plans on three different proposed projects in town, including a Steak N Shake.

While this is exciting news to many in town, some who live near the site are voicing their concerns to city leaders.

"I love Steak N Shake, I just don't want it in my back door," Richard Eakin tolk KY3.

Richard Eakin lives along Mitchell Road.

18 years ago, he had woods behind his home and not much in front of it either.

Now there's a hotel and commercial businesses and restaurants as far as the eye can see.

Over the next week, if plans for Steak N Shake are approved, the restaurant will be his new neighbor.

He's been to city meetings and has expressed his concerns.

"The traffic, the noise, my privacy and what it's going to do to my property values," Eakin listed as concerns.

A few of his neighbors also expressed their concern off camera about traffic along Mitchell Road.

Within the past few months, the land was rezoned from residential to commercial.

"It's like anything, you've got to find the location that's affordable and fits his business plan. That piece of property behind the Holiday Inn is what he thought fit for him," David Bossemeyer said.

West Plains Economic Development Director David Bossemeyer says people clamored for Steak N Shake.

"I will tell you that probably 7 out of 10 people have told me that we need another eating place and wanted a Steak N Shake. It's what they wanted," Bossemeyer added.

While Eakin is excited about new lunch and dinner options, he's worried about other options that could be in the restaurant's plans.

"Depends on where they're putting their entrances and exit and how big a parking lot they're going to have, Eakin exclaimed. To me it's going to be a mess for a while."

So Eakin has an idea for an eight foot tall privacy fence to go along his property line.

"I'm going to be like President Trump, I may ask for a wall."

The committee is likely to approve the site development plans at the Wednesday meeting.

That means it will head to city council for it's approval at a meeting next Thursday.

Once that approval comes, construction can begin.

People in town have asked if it will it be a 24-hour Steak N Shake.

I'm told the answer is "not sure" at this point.

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