Amtrak crash: Screams, cries, awakening to a 'nightmare'

CAYCE, S.C. (AP) - Survivors of the weekend crash of an Amtrak train that slammed into a freight train in South Carolina have described seats ripping loose, screams, crying and awakening to a nightmare.

Passenger Eric Larkin told The Associated Press he woke up as he slammed into seats in front of him during the crash early Sunday. He and other passengers then reported hearing screams and crying, and seeing bloodied passengers trying to get off of the crumpled Amtrak train in the pre-dawn hours.

The North Carolina resident says he left the train in a daze, hours later, not knowing where he was. He was walking with a limp hours later.

Larkin says it's a blessing to be alive. He says: "I thought that I was dead."

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