A reminder to have multiple ways to get severe weather warnings

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REPUBLIC, Mo. Three tornado sirens in Republic failed their monthly test. However, the city, emergency managers and meteorologists are all hoping that this isn't the only way you plan on getting your warnings during severe weather.

"So, the sirens today's primary purpose is to alert you when you're away from your phone, when you're away from radios, when you're away from televisions- such as playing ball games, soccer, any type of outdoor activities in the parks, golfing- that's what the sirens do. They pick up that space of when you do not have your phone in your hand because in today's world, most people have a telephone with them all the time," said.

Most people have transitioned from waiting for the tornado sirens to go off to waiting for an emergency alert on their phone. No matter how you plan to get sever weather alerts, it's a good idea to have other ways to receiving a warning.

"Normally before a person will believe that there is an issue, it takes 2 forms of notification. It's like if you hear a siren, people will go in and turn their television on to see if they're saying the same thing."

Tornado sirens started being used after the cold war in the same way that the United States warned about air raids. And some would even argue that their purpose has been replaced by modern technology. But for now, sirens still be used as a warning call in Ozarks.

"They fill a need for when you're very active in parks and nature where you may not have the ability of your phone, looking at it, it might be left in the car. And of course, you're away from all the commercial avenues of media. So, they do fill that niche. But, as to their importance as they were 40 years ago, I'd have to say, probably not as much."

Even if you do rely on outdoor sirens like this one to get alerts when severe weather moves in, remember that you still have other free options such as the KY3 Storm Team app, or you can follow along with us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest weather updates.

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