ICE MELT! Tuesday evening commute much less frustrating

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NIXA, Mo. -- It didn't take drivers nearly as long to get home Tuesday night than Monday night.

The sun melted most of the remaining slick spots on the roads, a very different story from 24 hours ago when many roads were like ice rinks. With all the snow and ice, it took some folks hours to get home, even with Christian County road crews trying to help.

Relatively clear roads were a welcome sight in both Greene and Christian counties this morning after snow and ice glazed the roads during the evening commute. It was so bad, it took some drivers more than two hours to get from Springfield to Nixa. The problem? The quick drop in temperatures and the mixed bag of weather.

"When it switches like that," said Christian County Highway Superintendent Brent Young. "There's really no good way of doing it, you just gotta switch with it."

The plummeting temperatures meant icy roads even through Tuesday morning. But those slowly improved through the day.

Christian County Highway Superintendent Brent Young said a mix of rain, sleet, and snow made keeping roads salted a challenge.

"It changes a lot and it's hard for us to predict how we're gonna do it, 'cause each event will be different," he said.

Young's crews did not pre-treat the roads because rain would've washed away any of that work, but he said crews did their best to keep up with the evening rush.

"We will try to, you know, help congestion, get 'em moving again so, but otherwise we just stay on our routine route that we cover every time so everybody knows what to expect and when to expect it," said Young.

During Monday's event, Young said they ended up using more salt than they thought they would.

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