From traffic to wildfires: Agencies prepare for the solar eclipse

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- Motels are full, campsites are getting fully booked up, and the Department of Roads along with emergency management agencies are working on being fully prepared for all situations with an influx of people crowding the path of totality in a short amount of time.

In Nebraska, Emergency Management said the solar eclipse has been on their radar for over a year. When the day comes, they will have an operations room overseeing the state and monitoring any potential emergencies.

"So it's all about coordinating resources through the appropriate point of contact and making sure we track and monitor all those important resources," said NEMA Assistant Director Bryan Tuma.

One potential emergency agencies have been planning for is wildfires.
Campers and travelers should always put out campfires properly, and be careful with cigarettes.

Transportation and traffic is another critical issue for the event, with travelers wanting to stop and look, which could cause an increase in congestion and accidents. People should plan in advance to have a safe place to view the eclipse.

"Make sure you don't stop on the interstate. Make sure you don't stop on the highways. Don't pull over on shoulders. Traffic is still going to be traveling. Trucks are still going to be traveling that day. Commerce does not stop," said Jeni Lautenshlager with the Department of Transportation.

The Department of Transportation said they aren't planning to close roads or change direction of traffic, but when the day comes, it could be a possibility.

If you plan to view the eclipse in the state of Nebraska, the Department of Transportation even has a webpage dedicated to the event. On there you will find traveling tips and any updates on traffic for the day.