Springfield Public Schools celebrate last day of school through parades

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo The sounds and phrases of "have a good summer" and "we'll miss you" seemed familiar but his wasn't your typical last-day of school.

Students in Springfield Public Schools have been out of the classroom for months due to COVID-19 but Springfield Public Schools made sure to give them the next best thing.

"We're having a parade for the last day of school,said Pipkin Middle School Middle School Principal Becky Ash.

Pipkin Middle School Principal Becky Ash's staff drove around the school's neighborhood to wish students a great summer and good luck to their 8th graders who are heading to high school next year.

"We're so proud of them and everything they've accomplished," said Ash.

Over at Pittman Elementary School they're also having a parade and kindergarten teacher Victoria Becker loved seeing her students.

"Were one big family and to see them one last time and wave goodbye and still be safe is really important," said Pittman Elementary Kindergarten teacher, Victoria Becker.

A parade isn't the only way they're ending the year, Principal Laura Batson was able to keep some traditions still alive.

"We started Batson on the roof and it's just became a tradition," said Pittman Elementary Principal, Laura Batson.

Where if students completed their reading challenge they're able to do something fun with their principal like squirting her with a water gun while she was up on the roof.

Something 5th grader Petyon Cawlfield was excited for.

"It means they're not giving up on the end of the school year yet," said Pittman Elementary 5th grader, Peyton Cawlfield.

For both schools, it's a sign to students: they're not alone during this difficult time even if it's through a parade or standing on the school's roof.

"We want to model that for our kids that it's emotional and hard but we have each other and we're going to be strong together, said Batson.

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