Springfield Housing Authority proposes apartment complex for homeless veterans

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The Springfield Housing Authority is proposing a new apartment complex for homeless veterans in southwest Springfield.

The land for the three-story apartment building is located at 2021 West Kingsley, just behind the Price Cutter near Kansas and Republic Road.

These apartments will only house the homeless. The housing authority of Springfield helps cover the rent with government funding for people in more than 1,700 housing units across the city. Right now, 76 of those are VA Supportive Housing or VASH, just for veterans. This entire complex would open only for War veterans with VASH vouchers.

The architect says every unit in the building will be handicapped-accessible. The building plans include a community room on every floor, or even a place of refuge where a veteran can go to be alone.

"It's where my heart is," said Katrena Wolfram, Housing Authority of Springfield Executive Director. "I love veterans, and I think it really helps when they're together in the same building so they can discuss things and have friendship and be there together in one setting. And also close to the VA, they can get services."

The project should cost between $4 and $5 million. Wolfram says she's been waiting two years to build the complex, and is still waiting on state or local funding to come through to support it.

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