Person tampered through mailbox caught on camera in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- In east Springfield, Cassandra Hogue captured home surveillance video of someone going into her mailbox.

Cassandra Hogue says she forgot to check her mail this past Monday, but, when she went to check her mail on Tuesday she noticed she had gotten mail dating back to Black Friday from a different neighborhood.
Cassandra then checked her security camera to see if anyone had been in her mailbox.

On her surveillance video, the individual does not get out of the car, but goes rummaging through her mail. Then, the person simply drives off.
Cassandra says she did see the truck go to any other mail boxes, but is thankful her outside camera was able to figure out what happened.

Cassandra says she plans to make a police report with Springfield Police Department and turn over the mail from the other neighborhood to them as well.

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