UPDATE: Police reveal why they did not arrest man for warrant in deadly crash at Springfield school

Lonnie Yeager/St. Francois County Jail

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Springfield police shared new information with KY3 News about why a driver involved in a deadly crash in September outside Campbell Elementary was not arrested on a warrant.

Police say Lonnie Yeager, 35, was driving an SUV when he hit and killed Riddick Tudor outside the school. Yeager was driving without a license. In fact, he has never been licensed to drive a car in any state.

St. Francois County in Missouri issued a misdemeanor warrant for Yeager involving a DWI charge in June, 2016. But police in Springfield say they could not see it, but it was non-extraditable anyway.

"There are mileage limits for some crime levels," said Springfield Police Department's Lisa Cox. "Because they just wanted him for a misdemeanor and he was found here more than 100 miles away, they were not going to have us hold him for them to transport."

Yeager, though, should have never been behind the wheel in the first place. He was deemed "incapacitated and disabled" in 2008, which prevented him from ever obtaining a license to drive. He has since been arrested behind the wheel for DWI, and for driving without a license.

The day the crash, Yeager's passenger had told police Lonnie suffered a medical episode behind the wheel. Springfield police tell us they have not yet confirmed that with doctors.

Lonnie Yeager told KY3 News off camera Tuesday he has been having a very hard time following the crash. He is seeing a psychiatrist regularly. Yeager's attorney says he will know more once investigators call him with the final crash reconstruction report.

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